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Will Time Warner Close Intelligent Home Service?

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Buffalo Security SystemsThis week it was reported that once Charter acquires Time Warner Cable and Bright House – for the low price of $79 billion dollars – it will begin doing away with services that are duplicated or those it doesn’t feel fits within its corporate plan.

Those close to this process feel that Time Warner’s home automation and security service called, Intelligent Home is likely to be on the chopping block. This assumption is given some credence by the fact that salespeople have been asked not to mention the product.

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In speaking to blogger Karl Bode of DSLReports, one insider stated the obvious by saying, “What is particularly concerning is that many customers are in 18 month contracts and have purchased hundreds or even thousands of dollars in equipment.”

Time Warner, like many other Internet Service Providers, jumped into the home security space assuming it to be another revenue stream. But because of consumer reticence to have absolutely every service under one roof, and the high cost of the packages Time Warner and others were offering, it wasn’t a big seller for them.

As of now, Charter has stated to Karl Bode of DSLReports that “Existing Intelligent Home customers are being fully supported and will continue to be fully supported. Intelligent Home is a new business for Charter, and we are in the process of assessing it.”

What that means for the future of Intelligent Home and the customers served in that program is anyone’s guess at the moment.

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