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Traditional lock and key entry is still the standard for many businesses, even those with high-tech alarm systems in place. A key is a straightforward method of entry, and it’s familiar. But more and more companies realize that when it comes to security, they should be thinking twice about continuing to rely on what has become outdated technology.

Keyless entry systems bring their range of security features to the table, each with their advantages. If you’re looking for a more reliable way to keep unauthorized individuals out of your building, a keyless entry system is worth serious consideration.

There are three basic types of keyless entry.

  • Keypad – This is probably the style of keyless entry most people are familiar with. A keypad lock allows you to program a series of numerical codes that will grant access to the individual who punches that code in. You have the option of having a single shared code, unique codes for each employee, and even one-time use codes that can be given to visitors who only need temporary access.
  • Key Fob – A device some apartment-dwellers might recognize, a key fob is a portable security token that grants access to a building using built-in authentication. Key fobs can be waved like a keycard to gain entry, and are growing in popularity with some business owners due to their dependability as a security solution.
  • Bluetooth – The most advanced keyless entry option, a Bluetooth lock is also the most secure. This deadbolt lock is activated using an access code, or an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. More sophisticated than a key fob or key card, Bluetooth locks are straightforward and safe to use.

All three of these options share the same advantage over a lock and key system – a lack of a key. Keys are easily lost or stolen, and any time a key goes missing, you’re faced with replacing each lock that key fits with, as well as any matching keys your other employees have. There’s no way of knowing if a key has been copied, which means former employees could still have access to your building.

Keyless locks, on the other hand, can quickly and easily be altered without added expense or causing inconvenience to your staff. Codes can be deleted, and key fobs deactivated when an employee leaves. You can maintain complete control over who has access at all times.

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