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Tree Fire Safety Tips For The Holidays

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Here is a not-so-fun holiday fact – Christmas trees alone are the cause of $13 million in property damage each year. More importantly, tree fires can present a serious danger to family and friends. There are a number of risk factors that come with displaying a live tree in your home for the holidays, like tree dryness, potential electrical malfunctions from light strands, and poorly located heat sources that can very quickly end in disaster.

Christmas Tree Fire

That’s not to say that every home should rush out to buy an artificial tree. Live trees are an important part of the holiday traditions of many families, and even the most beautiful artificial tree can’t replicate that fresh pine scent. Keep these precautions in mind, and your live tree will make it through the holiday season unscathed:

  • Fresh trees are less likely to catch fire, so make sure you buy a tree that is vibrantly green and doesn’t shed needles easily
  • Set your tree up far from any heat sources like radiators, fireplaces, candles, heating vents, or lights, and make sure your tree base is always filled with water
  • Only use light strands that have been lab tested by the UL or ETL/ITSNA, and throw out any damaged lights that could potential short out or spark
  • Make sure any lights hung on outdoor trees or shrubs are labeled for outdoor use, and are plugged into a ground-fault circuit interrupter protected outlet
  • Never burn candles near your tree, furniture, or décor
  • Never leave your tree lit overnight. Remember to unplug your tree lights before bed, or use a timer to turn your lights on and off automatically

If properly cared for, live trees can last for weeks. Once Christmas is over, keep a close eye on your tree. When it starts to shed needles, it’s time for it to go.

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