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The Theft Deterrents That Work, and Those That Don’t

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Given the high rate of home burglaries in the United States — an estimated four occurrences every minute — no single preventative measure is all that effective.

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Home security should be based around multiple varied forms of deterrence, and the unfortunate reality is that popular opinion and unaware consumers have made some techniques seem more useful than they actually are. To keep your residence safe from intrusion, keep the following effective (and ineffective) security measures in mind when protecting your home.

Effective Burglar Deterrents

  • Noticeable Window and Door Locks

To enter your home, the burglar will be limited to doors and windows. Locks are basic and crucial parts of any home security. Proper locks with a visible presence will often deter burglars from even attempting to break them.

  • Actually Using Installed Locks

That said, without actually using locks, they won’t do much good. While you may live in a trustworthy neighborhood, the fact is that you will more likely be robbed by people who don’t live on your street. You may trust your neighbors with your door unlocked, but that doesn’t mean you should trust anyone else. Keep all your doors and windows locked, especially when you’ve turned in for the night.

  • Home Security Checks

This service is commonly offered by police stations, but rarely used. Get in touch with your local police department to inquire about a home security check, in which they can look over your premises and suggest any possible improvements to your existing security. If your local police department does not provide this service Powered Protection Inc. would be happy to provide a complimentary security check for you! Just call 716-822-7000

  • Install an Alarm

Alarm systems can vary in features, but even a basic in-home alarm system is a good way to scare off a thief once they’ve tripped a sensor. You can add further measures by having 24 hour monitoring service. This service will notify you when you are away and automatically notify the police. Features such as door contacts, window contacts, glass break detectors, motion detectors, sump pump monitors, temperature sensors, fire protection, carbon monoxide detection, and wireless panic buttons are just some of the features available. Be sure to check the reviews on the security alarm company before contract an installation. For a free in home or business consultation, please feel free to contact Powered Protection Inc. at 716-822-7000.

  • Security Cameras

While their expense and set up is a bit more involved, security cameras are a great way to ensure against a successful burglary. In the event that thieves do enter and leave your home with your valuables, a recording of their every move can help you follow up with the authorities more effectively. A proper setup will require at least a few indoor and outdoor cameras (the latter with night vision), and a hard drive to store footage.

  • Motion-Activated Lights

These lights are a great deterrent against anyone sneaking across your front or back lawn, and can also be a convenience to you when coming home late at night. Remember, the brighter the lights and wider the area illuminated, the better; use flood lights for best results.

  • Strong Doors

As mentioned before, proper security at your door is a basic but vital part of your home’s defenses. As close to 70% of all burglars come in through the front door, ensure that yours is solid enough to withstand being kicked in. Hidden bracing and low floor locks further help to keep your door secure.

  • Safes

In the event that a burglar does make it past the first few layers of security at your home, keep your valuables locked away in a safe. Be sure the safe is fireproof and bolted to the floor to protect against any further attempts to break into it or remove it from the premises.

Ineffective Burglar Deterrents

  • Hiding Valuables in the Bedroom

It’s easy for any thief to assume that valuables are hidden in the bedroom. Be creative with where you store them (or your safe) by putting them in places that may be unique to your home’s layout.

  • Leaving the Lights On

Any sensible person could guess that a home with its lights on 24/7 for multiple days with no other activity means that nobody is home. Don’t bother with this over-popular deterrent method, as more often it works as a beacon to burglars than a warning.

  • Having a Big Dog

While a big dog can be intimidating, the reality is that a loud, excitable little dog is often a better deterrent. Think of it as an alarm that goes off anytime someone approaches the door or window.

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