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Thanksgiving Safety Tips from Powered Protection Inc.

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Thanksgiving is one of the most popular holidays of the year. This is probably because it revolves around the concept of devouring mass quantities of food and watching television. Laziness is not just allowed on Thanksgiving, it’s encouraged. There are some considerations that you need to make over this holiday weekend though. Chances are you will be traveling to be with family and friends. Traveling is the worst aspect of going on vacation over Thanksgiving. You can be robbed very easily if you do not practice good holiday home security. Keeping your property safe while you are away visiting family should be a priority during your trip and Powered Protection Inc. is here to help!

Any homeowner/business owner who wants to help protect their property should have a security system from Powered Protection Inc. monitoring the property. It is the only sure way to help prevent your home/business from becoming a target for burglars. Security systems are also effective as a way to help detect fires more quickly and increase the reaction time of the fire department when you aren’t at home or when you are asleep at night. A security system alone should not be your only line of defense. There are other precautions that can be taken to help your home appear like less of a target. Follow these holiday home security tips to help take the bull’s eye off your home this holiday season.

  • The mail – One of the main indicators to a potential burglar that you are not home and are not going to be home for a while is a huge stack of mail or newspapers lying on your front porch. This tells thieves that the home is vacant and can be a major blow to your holiday home security. They will know that they will have ample time to rifle through your belongings and take whatever they want.
  • The social network – If you have a Facebook or Twitter account refrain from telling your friends and followers about the details of your travels. The internet is a breeding ground for criminal activity and this will tip burglars off that you are not going to be at home.
  • Timers – Having timers installed in your home that will periodically turn on and off certain lights in your home will give the appearance that some is in the home while you are away. They can be an excellent deterrent.
  • The phone – If you have a home phone don’t leave the ringer on. If a burglar hears a phone ringing without being answered they will be able to ascertain whether or not someone is there watching over the place.
  • Get a house sitter – Have someone you trust stop by the house periodically to check on it. They can pick up your mail, turn on and off lights, and just keep watch over your house. They can watch your pets while you are away too. Some of them will even be willing to stay overnight and keep watch over home for you. They can basically be your holiday home security guard.
  • Neighborhood watch – If your community has a neighborhood watch program in effect alert them that you will be out of town. They will then know the keep a little closer watch over your home. Neighborhood watch programs are a great way to prevent crime.

Following those holiday home security tips will help get you on the road towards having a safe holiday trip without any incidents to deal with when you return. The key to avoiding being robbed while you are away is not giving the appearance that your home/business is empty while you are gone. Burglars do not want to be caught and if your home even gives the appearance that they will be if they break in they will most likely avoid it. Even the most brazen of criminals have some fear of being arrested.

The most important key is to have a security system installed in your home/business. It can have the police or fire department to your home/business in just minutes if the alarm is triggered. Our systems even allow you to monitor the video in your home and around your property via your smart phone. This way you can always know what is going on in your home/business whether you are there or not. Following these holiday travel safety tips and having a professional security system from Powered Protection Inc. are the keys to having a safe holiday. Contact Powered Protection Inc. for consultation!


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