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Get peace of mind knowing that Powered Protection is working for your family every day, keeping you safer 24/7. And if an emergency should ever arise, know help would be on the way.


For instance, if you had an attempted break-in, your system would alert Powered Protection Inc. using a cellular signal, which is a dedicated connection that can’t be disabled from outside. There’s no cord to cut, unlike traditional phone lines which can be knocked out with a simple pair of wire cutters. Powered Protection Inc. would then dispatch police to your home.

Powered Protection system doesn’t stop there. If a fire ever broke out in our home, the smart smoke detectors would signal Powered Protection to alert the fire department, while simultaneously a smart thermostat would shut off the HVAC system, stopping fumes from circulating providing time to escape. You and your family will sleep better knowing that your home is protected by Powered Protection Inc.

Easy-to-use modern controls

A traditional (non-smart) home security system will alert a monitoring station in an emergency — if you have it turned on. That’s a bigger factor “if” than you might think.

Old-school systems, controlled via a wall panel, are hard to operate, especially when you walk in with your arms loaded with groceries or school bags. Sitters and guests forget the code, causing false alarms. It’s tempting to just turn the system off. Or, you might simply forget to arm it yourself. And unlike smart security systems, it won’t send you an alert.

But if you use a smart security system from Powered Protection Inc., you can control your home’s security from anywhere, and see your home anytime. You can check in on your kids from work, for example. Smartphone alerts and reminders ensure that your family’s always protected and you can stay connected to what’s happening at home. The app makes life easier, and you will want to use your system more!

Tech support that’s always available (and doesn’t cost more)

Picture12It’s tempting to buy connected devices piecemeal. You’re online right now: you could probably buy yourself a smart lock, or a video camera, or an energy-saving smart thermostat in the next 60 seconds. But once it arrives, you’re on your own. Installation, configuration, getting all of those devices, and their apps to work with each other? That’s on you.

With Powered Protection Inc. a trained security consultant will come out to your home to discuss a fully customized system to meet your needs and then a trained technician will install everything in a single day or two. If anything ever goes wrong, all you’ll need to do is call Powered Protection and we will be there to help.

You will be blown away by how easy and convenient everything is. There is no smarter investment for protecting your kids, your home and your peace of mind, Give us a call today! 716-822-7000

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