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A smart home is “the secure home.”

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The use of HD video and smart locks has become a key part of smart home security and automation. According to the research, security and intrusion protection — including access control and outside video surveillance — remain the single most important aspect of the smart home.

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Home security is a clear opportunity for HD/immersive video, as alarm and home security solutions now come hand-in-hand with most video surveillance systems. Video surveillance is a must and Powered Protection Inc. continues to deploy technology updates to meet your hands-on, always-on mentality. To support this we provide  24/7 video notification, motion and scheduled alerts, and video archiving.

Powered Protection Inc. can help you monitor your home more closely and receive notifications and specific insights in real time by taking  security service a level deeper and incorporating HD/immersive video.

Video as a Tool

Beyond real-time benefits, a security system has many other valuable use cases beyond basic security that you may not have thought about, including pet care, childcare and eldercare. Although a security system may not be the first thought when looking to assist with these functions, it is a beneficial service.

For example, pet location awareness and live video monitoring can help ensure the family dog is safe and staying out of trouble. Parents can have the option to be alerted or check in on kids as they arrive home from school and feel at ease knowing their child made it through the door safely. HD/immersive video can not only help caregivers check up on seniors, but real-time video notification can help family members know if there is an emergency that requires immediate attention.

Beyond these added benefits, the ability to archive video footage for 30 days + can prove extremely helpful for police and legal professionals if you are the victim of a break-in.

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