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Let’s face it, from politics to finances to job concerns, there are many reasons you could feel insecure these days. The last thing you need is to be worried about whether your valuables will be there when you get home. That’s where Powered Protection, Inc. comes in with the right kind of security system for your home/business!

What type of system should you install?

Buffalo based security experts from Powered Protection, Inc. recommend learning a few security basics prior to making that decision.

First, who is most likely to purchase a security system? According to Powered Protection, Inc. many buyers are people who’ve already been victims of burglaries or other intrusions.

“People who’ve been through this have not only lost possessions,” says Tom Powers, President at Powered Protection, Inc., “very often they also have a feeling of violation. They may have lost things of sentimental value that are irreplaceable.”

So, whether or not you’ve already been victimized, it’s important to review the ins and outs of security. 

Custom Solutions

Tony P, security consultant at Powered Protection, Inc. says homeowners should beware of one-size-fits-all solutions. “You should schedule an appointment and have one of our security consultants in to tour the home and consult on your needs,” he says. “No two families are exactly alike. People with a lot to protect — jewelry, coins, guns, and so on — can treat all these things separately.”

“To start with, there are two basic approaches,” says Tom Powers, president of Powered Protection, Inc. “There’s a system to secure a space, with alarms at the front door, back door, inside the garage door, and a motion detector on the inside. “Second is a perimeter-defense system, where you cover all the possible entrances. That includes contacts on the windows and basement access. You also look for sensitive areas or weaknesses, such as an outside air conditioner or tree that someone could climb up to a second-floor window entry.

Many security systems include smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors, sensors that register the sound of glass breaking, and others that can issue a notification if there’s a water leak. The systems are typically provided with keypad or touch-screen control panels that will read out the location of problems. Many use key fobs that can arm or disarm alarms from inside or outside the house.

Monitored systems that include life-safety features offer an added advantage: Those features are monitored constantly. “They’ll also notify you two or three weeks before the battery fails,” says Powers, so lapses in coverage are avoided.

“A monitored system is very important.” Systems that not only sound alarms at the site, but also trigger notification at our central monitoring office enable our team to check with the owner and dispatch emergency help as needed.

For many years, the connection between the central office and the home was carried on ordinary wire phone lines. Powers says, we are now using cellular to transmit the alarms. “Phone lines can be cut, and this eliminates that vulnerability. I believe that in the next five years, contact through these phone lines will be completely replaced”.


Home automation has moved from a Jetsons-style fantasy to a fairly commonplace home utility. According to a Pew Research Center study, 68 percent of American adults owned smartphones as of November 2015, up 35 percent in just four years. Consequently, access to home-security apps is in the hands of many.

These programs produce a remarkable range of remote-control possibilities. From anywhere on Earth accessible to a cell-phone signal, a homeowner/business owner can arrange to turn lights on and off, arm or disarm alarms for individual entrances, regulate temperatures, and much more.

A driver approaching home can remotely open a garage door, then close it behind them. If their house has an attached garage, they never have to step outside.

Parents of teens can set a camera-equipped system to observe who enters with their children, and look at covered areas around the house, perhaps discouraging youngsters from bringing in friends for a party.

Where an elderly parent is living alone, apps can track the person’s regular schedules. Did they open the medicine cabinet on schedule? Was the refrigerator door opened at the times expected to prepare meals? If the routine is broken, caregivers can be called for assistance.

It’s possible to admit a neighbor or a trusted tradesperson by shutting down the alarm and unlocking a door on command. Homeowners and business owners can make it appear that the property is occupied by answering entrance-area intercoms remotely. When you’re notified that the doorbell’s sounded you can tell a delivery person to leave the package at the side door or in the garage.

One simple and effective way to employ a security app Powers said, is to “set a scene.” That is, decide on all the security and home management details you want to put in force — lighting, alarms, thermostat, and so on. “Then, when you leave the house, you can push one button and set everything up.”

Dogs and Security

Not so long ago, dogs were part of the first-line defense in many homes. Today they’re really members of most families, and the thinking about them is likely to be different.

“People don’t want the dog hurt; they don’t want the animal to confront an intruder.”

The better plan is usually to stop unwanted visitors outside the home with perimeter defenses like video surveillance. In general, thieves prefer to tackle the easiest target that promises a payoff. A home or business without a surveillance system is a more likely target.


Surveillance systems have become affordable and easy to use. Powered Protection, Inc. points out that cameras are unlikely to be more than a modest deterrent to break-ins. “Surveillance systems capture actual events and lead to the return of property and capture of thieves”.

As you can see from the above, there are numerous solutions to provide reliable security. Whatever system you choose, Powered Protection, Inc. says it is wise to have something in place so you can scratch one less item off your worry list. To set up your security consultation, please call 716-822-7000 or visit us at

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