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As a business owner, you want your property to be safe and protected at all times.

You need a state-of-the-art security alarm system to safeguard your business!

Intruders, both internal and external, can seriously jeopardize the security, and success, of your business. Powered Protection understands —because we’re business owners, too. That’s why we offer state-of-the-art security systems that are tailored to fit the needs of specific businesses. Whether you run a small retail store, or a large enterprise, Powered Protection can install the right alarm system for you. Call (716) 822-7000 or send us an email:

When you invest in a Powered Protection Inc. commercial alarm system, you’re getting the best of the best:

  • State-of-the-art, versatile technology: Know who’s coming or going at all times.
  • Surveillance options so you can watch over your business, day or night.
  • Wireless motion sensors to detect if an intruder entered your premises.
  • Glass-break detectors that signal when windows or doors are broken to sound an alarm.
  • Environmental sensors to tell if the temperature has risen or dropped/food has spoiled, etc.
  • 24-hour monitoring from our central station wherein we dispatch authorities in case of  security breach.

Plus, we offer access to your commercial security system from the comfort of your home, or when you’re out of town. Powered Protection specializes in remote access control for commercial security systems – allowing you to benefit from the ability to:

  • Wirelessly connect using your Apple, PC, or Android devices via your commercial Wi-Fi network.
  • Control your cameras, temperature control systems, and more from wherever you are.
  • Operate your Z-wave lighting systems and thermostats to keep your utility bills down.
  • Keep an eye on your employees’ behavior, or supplies in your stock room, from camera feeds.
  • Know you can arm and disarm your security system, and receive notifications of events around your business as they happen in real-time.
  • View who is accessing your security system at all times with user controls.

The choice is clear. Your business needs a commercial security alarm system with remote access capabilities – before it’s too late.

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