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Protect your home and family with our residential security systems!

Busy families are in and out of the house constantly, which makes residential security systems absolutely mandatory.

Powered Protection specializes in 24-hour home security systems so you can have peace of mind—whether you’re at work, or on a family trip. Your home will remain safe and secure, and you can protect your greatest assets from being tampered with, stolen, or damaged. Call (716) 822-7000 or send us an email:

Powered Protection offers a selection of residential security systems. We offer the most versatile security systems in the business. Whether you want to see when your children arrive home from school, or ensure that your property is safe during a storm, we deliver fast and reliable service to provide the security you need.

You can keep track of your kids, watch your nanny interact with them on live, streaming video, and maintain a connection to elderly family members to ensure they remain safe and healthy. We specialize in:

  • Remote Access Systems: Remotely access live camera feeds and control your lighting systems, thermostat, and more.
  • Smart Door Locks: Wirelessly take control of your door locks, and eliminate the need for keys.
  • Data Cabling: Cabling for video, audio, the Internet, and more.

When you invest in a residential security system, you’ll have the ability to leave your home and family, knowing they are safe and secure.

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