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Protecting Your Home from CO

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CO is something that you definitely do not want leaking into your home. It is extremely dangerous because it has no smell so people do not even know when it may be coming into their home and surrounding them with toxic fumes. Protecting yourself and your home from CO is the key to keeping everyone safe.

What is CO and Why is it Dangerous?

CO stands for Carbon Monoxide and it is an extremely dangerous gas when it is consumed. In the United States, it is estimated that 400 people die from exposure to CO, 4,000 are hospitalized, and up to 20,000 go to the emergency room. It is a dangerous gas because it does not have an odor or a color. That makes it almost impossible to detect. The most common time to CO poisoning occurs is during the winter because of generators, space heaters, and other devices that can leak carbon monoxide.

What are the Symptoms?

For many people, the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning begin very mild. Many people experience feeling tired or having a slight headache. As the poisoning becomes more intense, people can become dizzy and disoriented. For some people, their face and lips may become slightly red. In the most severe of cases, death is the result. The symptoms are mild which is why many people do not realize what is happening. You cannot rely on these things alone especially since the symptoms are common for many ailments. You have to be able to take care of your home and your family with a proven security source.

Using a CO Detector

The best way you can protect your home and your family is by installing a CO detector. This device will go off if it notices a higher level of CO in the air. It can help determine an issue before you even realize their is one in your home. Since the gas cannot be detected by the human nose, the CO detector is the best form of defense. Once CO is detected, an alarm will go off. Once this happens, you should call the fire department immediately and get out of the home. They will then be able to test for carbon monoxide and air out any dangerous fumes if any are found inside. Anyone that was inside the home will be treated for exposure if any CO is found inside the home. If CO is found inside a home, the source must be identified and repaired.

Always be on Alert

While winter is the most common time for CO to leak into homes, it can happen any time of the year. A CO detector will work all year long to ensure that nothing happens inside your home. You will need to replace the batteries as soon as they start getting low so you always have a form of defense. Additionally, you should refrain from using heating sources such as a space heater, if possible.

A CO attack can happen at any time and in any place. You should protect your home and the people in it with a quality CO detector. It is the best way to detect excess carbon monoxide in your home and could be the difference between life and death. For more information on CO detectors or to get one for your home, be sure to contact us.

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