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Today’s home security systems are more advanced than those of any other age. With the integration of 24/7/365 monitoring and smartphone apps the deterrent to would-be robbers is significant, but do you need one?

A recent conversation with an older friend of mine set the stage for this article. He related that because he spends his winters in Florida, he has invested in an alarm system. Unfortunately, this was only AFTER his home was broken into last winter. “Maybe too little too late,” he admits.

Home Security System

As for me, I live in the country. A criminal crew with a moving truck could walk away with all of my stuff in half a day, and no one would even see them – more less report them. This is why I have a smart home security system that is connected to every TV and light in my house as well as a monitoring contract that allows the monitoring center to call 911 when something suspicious happens.

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According to statistics, a full 17% of homes in the USA have monitored security systems, and it has been proven that criminals are less likely to target those homes. But whatever the statistics say, the simple fact is that a monitored home security system will cost you far less than a break-in and robbery will cost you.

Have you explored home security systems lately? They’ve come SO FAR in the past number of years. Now they can:

  • Be installed wirelessly – so you don’t have unsightly wires or labor-intensive installations
  • Be tied into your phone line, internet connection, or cellular for redundancy
  • Be integrated via app with your smartphone so you can see and speak to the individual who rings your doorbell
  • Be joined to your homes internal control systems such as your lights, heat, and door locks – for those times you forget

Whether you are like my friend who likes to travel, live in a challenging community environment, or live in the country like me, a home security system is just a wise investment.

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