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Make sure your Kids are safe for Summer Vacation

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Summer means many kids will be spending more time at home alone. That means fun for them, but often some apprehension for you. Consider these Summer Safety & Security tips for kids home alone:


  1. Create and review an emergency plan so kids feel confident about what to do. Make sure kids know what the smoke or security alarm sounds like and what to do when Powered Protection Inc.
  2. Make a list of important phone numbers including how to reach you and a family member living close by or a trusted neighbor.
  3. Make sure they know where to find flashlights and batteries if there is a power outage.
  4. In the event of a tornado, make sure kids know that the safest place to take cover is the basement. If you don’t have a basement, they should go to an inside room without windows on the lowest floor, says the CDC.
  5. Review how and when to use 911.


  1. You never know who is going to show up at the door. Kids may not be confident about who they should or shouldn’t talk to.
  2. Remind your children that if they don’t know the person at the door, they shouldn’t open it. Make it easy with a doorbell cameraso you can talk with anyone who rings the doorbell right from your smartphone or tablet, as if you were home.


  1. Make sure the kids know to keep the doors and windows locked when they are home alone. Review thesecurity system and its use.
  2. Consider the addition of an Image Sensor or live videoin the home so you can peek in and check on them from anywhere.
  3. Set up no-show alerts if the children are to be home at a certain time, so you get an alert if they aren’t home on time
  4. Check in on your kids while you’re at work with our Interactive Serviceson your smartphone and see for yourself that they are safe and sound at home. Get emails and text messages when they go in and out so you know when they left and returned.

Don’t spend your summer worrying. Arm your kids with these important security tips and you can breathe easy. Read more at or call 716-822-7000

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