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RobberySummer is finally here! For many families across the country, that means long vacations and weekends at the cottage. But while you are relaxing and enjoying the sun, a small but undeterred criminal element is also taking advantage of the beautiful weather.

Home invasion and robbery spikes during the summer. Why? It’s simple. Common robbers are too lazy to go out in the cold, rain, and snow. Well, that and the fact that summer travelers make it easy for robbers. Many times they leave windows open for easy access and even advertise their departure from town on social media with pictures of all the fun they are having away from their homes.

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AAA spokesperson, Tracy Noble, has warned travelers and vacationers about this dangerous trend. To help deter would-be robbers from targeting your home while you’re away she has suggested that you make it look like you are still home by:

  • Paying someone to mow your lawn
  • Putting your TV and lights on timers
  • Canceling paper delivery
  • Asking the post office or a friend to hold your mail

Also included in Ms. Noble’s notes regarding vacationing precautions are the following:

  • Have an alarm system installed and contract to have it constantly monitored.
  • Go through your home with a camera or video recorder and document / inventory the contents of your home.

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