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When Was The Last Time You Took A Look At Your Security System?

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The start of the new year is a very opportune time to consider whether home and business security systems are still adequate and to decide if changes are required.

Powered Protection believes there are fundamental questions everyone should be asking. The answers, they say, would determine what would need to happen next.


“When was the last time you tested your alarm system?” asks Powered Protection’s President Tom Powers. You must be sure that the system still works, and that your security company will receive an alarm signal in case of an emergency.

Powers says the next step is to make sure your security company has all your updated contact information so that they know exactly whom to contact in case of an emergency. This includes the details of secondary contact people, in case the primary contact person is not reachable.

“Next, do a walk around your property. If you have big bushes or plants in your garden, make sure they don’t obscure any outdoor alarm sensors. For those who have done renovations to their homes, I would recommend checking if the alarm system adequately covers the new rooms or areas.”

He also recommends storing valuables, such as bicycles, children’s toys, and anything that could be used to break into your home in a locked garage or shed.

Business owners, too, he says, should use this time of year to reassess their security needs and the systems they have in place. Wear and tear on security systems is a reality, and maintenance, upgrades, and replacements are a necessity.

“Waiting until the system becomes faulty is not ideal. Unfortunately, we do encounter incidents at small businesses where a break-in has occurred and only then do business owners realize that their security system was not operating correctly. With regular maintenance and testing, this can be avoided.”

There are several options for perimeter security such as access controls, gates, electric fencing, and beams. As the first line of defense, it is essential that perimeter security is in good condition and checked regularly.

Surveillance systems are no longer as prohibitively expensive as they may have been in the past, and even small business owners can now consider them as options. Access controls, security gates, and an alarm system linked to a reaction service are also vital components of the solution.

Fires are a very real threat and should be taken seriously. Having a fire escape plan, extinguishers and smoke detectors at the property are also must-haves,” says Mr. Powers.

“It is always best to get a professional in to assess your security solutions at home or work if you are unsure about whether it is still adequate. These experts will be able to identify any vulnerable areas and offer the best solutions.”

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