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“Ensuring security systems work properly should be an important part of home maintenance plan” – warns Powered Protection Inc.

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Powers says ensuring your security systems works properly should be an important part of your home maintenance plan.

People tend to forget that an alarm system, like a car, has parts that age and wear out and therefore should be serviced at least once a year explains Tom Powers, President at Powered Protection Inc.

“We are all guilty of waiting until we are due to go away on holiday to have our alarms tested, or worse yet until we are away on holiday.

“Ensuring security systems work properly should be an important part of home maintenance throughout the year. If the system – and this includes door contacts and motion detectors – are not functioning properly it may mean the alarm activation signal may not reach our monitoring station and we will not know that there is an emergency and that assistance is needed. Testing can be done together over the phone. Just give us a call at 716-822-7000. We will place your system on test and walk you through the process. If anything out of the ordinary is noted, a technician can be dispatched to address the problem.”

Powers says it is advisable for testing to be done outside of peak hours (6am – 8am and 5pm – 8pm) at least twice a year. The best times to test your system is after 8am or before 4pm.

“All it takes is a call to Powered Protection Inc. – we will then put the client on test. Once you are on test mode and a signal from your premises is received, our system will automatically generate and send an alert to you to let you know what sort of signal was received, i.e. if you push your panic button an alert will be sent to you saying that a panic signal was received. You can place your premises on test for 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, up to an hour. Once the specified time is up any signal that is received after that will be an emergency signal.

Powers says it is important to remember that the security needs at one’s residence or business can also change over the years.

“Now is a good time for homeowners and business owners to re-assess their overall security needs and possibly consider upgrading the system, to make sure it still delivers the best protection. This can be done during a walk around the property. Questions to consider include ‘Is there a need for additional or motion detectors?’ ‘Have any new doors or windows been installed?’ ‘Is my sump pump connected to the alarm system?’ ‘How easily can intruders access my property and should I think about installing outdoor cameras?’

Again, Powered Protection Inc. can offer advice if there is any uncertainty on how to identify security needs.”

Lastly, it is important that homeowners ensure that their security service providers have their most updated contacted details.

“Your security company must know exactly how to get hold of you, or the details of anyone you have asked to look after your property while you are away. You don’t want any confusion about who should be contacted on your behalf in case of an emergency or alarm activation,” concludes Powers.


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