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Karen Ralabate Looks to Powered Protection Inc. For Sophisticated Security Solutions

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Security Systems in BuffaloWorking with clients to deliver advertising and marketing solutions, technology is the backbone of Buffalo, NY marketing company Karen Ralabate. With so much on the shoulders of Karen Ralabate already, however, security was too much to manage. Thankfully, with the help of the expert team at Powered Protection Inc., Karen Ralabate was able to achieve a sophisticated, secure, and efficient security system – allowing the marketing company to focus on achieving direct goals.

Many businesses want to see their security provider throw as many people as possible at a job to ensure it will be a quick fix. However, the quickest fix -unfortunately- is normally not the best fix. It’s important to seek out proactive partners, as a lack of can leave your business facing significant security flaws.

A Home-Based Business With the Need For Secure, Reliable security In Order to Protect the Business, the Home, and the Clients!

Working with clients to deliver top notch advertising and marketing solutions, Karen Ralabate was in need of reliable security system provider with the capabilities to deliver the same top notch level of support and services.

Not only was this crucial in order to ensure the Buffalo, NY marketing business had reliable technologies, but as a home-based business, it was also an imperative aspect in protecting the home and family of Karen Ralabate.

An Expert Security Partner With Custom Designed, Proactive Solutions to Maximize Security, Reliability & Efficiency!

Thanks to the responsive, expert security support team at Powered Protection Inc. who listened to the needs of Karen Ralabate, an understanding of her business was established and proactive solutions that fit its needs could be implemented.

In order to maximize the security, reliability, and efficiency of Karen Ralabate’s environment, Powered Protection Inc. immediately began making positive internal changes. Some of these improvements include:

  • Improved cellular communication.
  • Wireless security system.
  • Total Connect remote service for arming, disarming, and viewing events.
  • 24 hour monitoring service.

Ralabate beams, “. . . wonderful customer service done by Powered Protection Inc. They were very nice and informative, answering all the questions I had for them. Also the installers were very pleasant and I felt very comfortable having them in our home.

You are blessed with a great crew!”

Here at Powered Protection, our team can provide your business with solutions for success! To learn more about what we can do for you, call (716) 822-7000, or send us an email:

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