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The idea of spending money to renovate your home and then save money down the line sounds too good to be true, right? Sure a new addition on your cottage, or a complete stainless steel overhaul of your kitchen may cost more money than it will save you – but don’t let that stop you from making smart investments in your home that WILL save you money over time.

While it may not be the brick-laid barbecue or clawed-foot bathtub you have in mind, these six improvements will save you money in the long run, and should not be overlooked.

Home Security System

This is worth it simply as a deterrent to criminals. The fact is that a vast majority of burglars (up to 83%) will look for signs of a security system before even considering breaking into a house. Weigh that against the average value of stolen items in American houses — $2,251 — and it’s clear that a security system will save you thousands over a number of years.

Average Cost:  $600 – $1,200 initially, plus $30/month for a monitoring service.

Smart Thermostat

Everyone knows how costly it is to heat and cool a house properly, which is why so many of us spend our time at home trying to get it just right – finding the perfect spot between comfort and affordability.

A smart thermostat does that for you, by learning your habits and eventually anticipating your needs. These systems will turn off when no one is home, focus on controlling temperature in only occupied rooms, and even learn the schedule of you and the other occupants to optimize energy and costs savings while still keeping everyone comfortable.

Average Cost: $500 – $550 initially.

Whole House Fan

If you’re used to warmer weather, you know how vital — and expensive — air conditioning can be. However, if your residence already has attic vents, a whole house fan can go a long way to cut your A/C needs and costs.

A whole house fan is an industrial grade fan that’s installed in the attic, designed to pull air through your windows and out through the vents, providing a breeze throughout your home, and cutting back on the need for A/C.

Average Cost: $380 – $450

Smart Lighting 

Regardless of the many options available — LEDs, compact fluorescent lamps, halogen incandescent, etc. — the key to smart lighting is that it will save you money on the electricity bill.

By turning your lights on and off based on movement in each room, smart lighting ensures that no lights are left on by accident. Furthermore, enhanced controls allow you to remotely turn on lights, schedule them for specific times, and even analyze data on light usage in your residence.

Average Cost: $50 – $200

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