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How Monitoring Your Building Temperature Can Prevent a Major Disaster

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How thoroughly is your business prepared for potential in-office disasters? We know that it’s not something you’d like to think about, but the reality is that you need to be ready for absolutely anything – or risk major downtime.

Temperature Monitoring

One simple way to help control potential weather-related disruptions as temperatures fall below freezing is monitoring your office temperature. Among other things, this can prevent water lines from freezing and doing major damage.

Powered Protection offers the most effective technology to monitor and control temperature in your office. Get in touch with our team of IT experts at or (716) 822-7000 to learn more.

From one extreme to the other, no temperature sensor outperforms the TS300.

The TS300 provides simultaneous operation of local and remote probes. Added features such as programmable hysteresis, output matrix mapping, and alarm memory offer users a higher level of protection and flexibility. The fully featured TS300 is distinctly engineered to meet the demands of a wide range of applications.

  • From florists and butchers to pet shops and computer centers, the TS300 is designed to provide uncompromising performance.
  • The design of the TS300 also features an audible alarm with silence timeout, which can be programmed to resound according to your unique preferences.

Other innovative features include:

  • Simultaneous use of local and remote temperature probes
  • Programmable hysteresis and output matrix mapping
  • Simultaneous operation of local and remote probes
  • Programmable Alarm Delay
  • Audible Alarm with Silence Timeout
  • Alarm Memory (Up to eight events)

Keep your operations protected against natural weather occurrences that could disrupt your productivity and derail your operations. Reach out to Powered Protection to discuss our wide range of proactive IT solutions, including the TS300. Contact our team at or (716) 822-7000.

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