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Jeffrey Howard, an insurance agent living outside Buffalo, often works away from home due to his hectic schedule. As a result, he turned to the experts at Powered Protection for a comprehensive security system to protect his home and family.

Selecting a security provider isn’t always easy, as many of them, on the surface at least, appear to offer identical services. Fortunately, Jeffrey knew Powered Protection’s CEO, Tom Powers, from a networking connection, however, he was still hesitant to discuss purchasing a system for his home.

“I knew Tom from a networking group we’re in and knew of his services. I was interested but figured it was something that I couldn’t afford. When I started talking to him and realized how reasonable it was, it was something I decided was definitely necessary to feel safe and secure.”

He continued, “It seemed like it would be a necessity to feel at ease and know your property is being taken care of and watched over because you can’t be there twenty four hours a day!”

The solution: a comprehensive security system that brings peace of mind – at a very reasonable cost!

After speaking with Tom and his team at Powered Protection, Jeffrey settled on a package that included a comprehensive security and fire alarm system, as well as sump pump monitoring. His choice proved to be a very wise move…

“The power went out one night and my wife and I were asleep. We didn’t notice, but when the sump-pump filled up because it wasn’t working, the alarm went off and that’s what alerted us that the power was off. We were able to take measures to keep the sump-pump from overflowing. It’s nice to have peace of mind and know those things are being watched out for.”

And peace of mind also extends to man’s best friend…

“I wasn’t as worried about a break-in situation as much as I was a fire situation. It’s nice that I don’t have to worry about the break-in side of things, but we have a dog at home during the day, and god forbid he gets trapped in the house without the fire department being alerted.”

Given his fantastic experience with the comprehensive security system, Jeffrey has even referred his clients to Powered Protection.

“I have referred numerous people to them. I understand how important it is for my customers to be protected as well. Tom is number 1 from an installation standpoint. After they installed the system, you couldn’t even tell anyone had been there. The sensors are vey small and the installation team left no mess and it really took very little time for the whole installation to be completed. As far as the monitoring, it’s been without a hitch – it’s perfect.”

When you invest in a residential security system, you’ll have the ability to leave your home and family, knowing they are safe and secure. Call (716) 822-7000 or email us at for more information.

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