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Home security doesn’t just help deal with break-ins – it can prevent them altogether.

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Given the high rate of home burglaries in the United States — an estimated four occurrences every minute — it’s as important as it has always been to invest in effective security. Beyond the mean to raise an alarm in the event of a break-in, many home security devices are often deterrents against theft in the first place as well.

One of the latest innovations in home security is the Ring Video Doorbell, a device that allows users to monitor their home from the convenience of their smartphone or tablet. Through a corresponding app, users can use video and audio feeds to see who’s ringing the doorbell, accept packages, and even stop criminals from attempting a break-in.

According to a release by the Electronic Security Association, these types of home security solutions, “provide consumers with more options to proactively manage the security of their home by helping to detect and deter criminal activity before it happens”.

Furthermore, much of the latest data on private residential theft shows that devices like this can stop potential break-ins altogether. A recent survey conducted by the University of North Carolina found that more than 60% of convicted burglars claimed they wouldn’t break into homes that had a noticeable alarm system.

So don’t just assume a security solution is just there to alert the police, or record footage of burglars in the act; in many cases, they could stop someone from breaking into your house in the first place.

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