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Save Big on Home Insurance Premiums With a Home Security Alarm System

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Did you know that you can save as much as 20% on your home insurance premiums by installing an alarm system?

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Most home insurers are well aware that fire and lightening damage to your home can cost as much as 10 times more than what most people would claim on a burglary claim.

One vital way you can protect your home from being severely damaged from fire is by having an early detection alarm system installed in your home.

Almost every insurer offers discounts of up to 20% for what you pay on your home insurance simply by having an alarm system installed in your home. Another big advantage to having an alarm system is that it will reduce the likelihood of your home becoming victim to a burglary by as much as 60%.

Thieves don’t like the hassle of taking a chance committing a burglary at a home with a prominently displayed sign that says the home is under protection from an alarm system. One look at this sign and they’ll likely move on to some other home.

A home alarm system can alert your family when they’re asleep so everyone can get out safely should the home catch fire. And, the fire department can be automatically contacted if there’s nobody at home when smoke is immediately detected. An early alert will help first responders stop a potential fire before it consumes the entire structure.

The good news is that these systems have been greatly enhanced with modern technology which makes them very affordable for the average home owner.

Check out your insurance carrier and find out what kind of discount they are offering for installing a home alarm system to protect your home from fire and burglaries.

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