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Powered Protection Keeps Globalquest Solutions’ Data Center Safe and Sound, So Globalquest Continues to Offer Outstanding Service to Its Clients

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Globalquest Solutions in Buffalo, NY, is an IT company focused on providing technology solutions to the real-world needs of businesses all around the Buffalo area. One of the most important services they provide is a solution for storing vital business data in the cloud, making it easy for employees at a business to access all their data whenever and wherever they need.


But storing data in the cloud really means keeping it in a secure data center. Globalquest Solutions runs its own local data center in Buffalo, providing round-the-clock access to all kinds of data for all kinds of clients. Keeping that much important data in one places demands having the best possible security for the data center. That’s why Globalquest trusts the team at Powered Protection to keep them safe.

We monitor all the standard security at the Globalquest data center, but a unique setup like this requires unique security. That’s why they came to us.

“They’re doing temperature monitoring in my data center, and they’re also doing water monitoring in my data center,” said Mike Morlock, CTO at Globalquest. “There’s a temperature threshold, so if the temperature gets above ninety-one they call me. Just so I know about it. And the water is just a dry contact sensor, but if they detect water at least I’ll know before I walk in the next day.”

Mike can now rest easy knowing that his servers are nice and dry, and that his security is monitored 24/7/365. How did he get involved with Powered Protection in the first place?

“Well, originally I was on another alarm company’s system. And I tried doing some IT business for that alarm company, I did a threat assessment for them. And their IT security was super bad. So I tried to get a deal going with the alarm company to help them remediate it. I was concerned on my own behalf, as they did my security.”

That’s why Mike started looking for another security partner that he could trust.

“I was looking for somebody where you can speak with ownership. I wanted flexibility, and I wanted responsiveness. And Powered Protection has all those three… I’ve been with them now almost two years, and it’s been fantastic. No complaints.”

No complaints, sure. But what is it exactly that separates Powered Protection from the competition?

Trust. Plain old trust. I didn’t trust my last company… Trust, and willingness to become a true business partner. That’s why I’m with Powered Protection: open and honest communication, getting back to me in a timely manner, and being available.”

Sometimes a company offers great service, but when you call in a problem the support staff is rude at worst and disinterested at best. What’s the experience of interacting with the people of Powered Protection?

“Every time I deal with them or call their office and talk to Renee [Smith, Office Manager at Powered Protection] or one of the girls there, they’re very responsive, very friendly, they go out of their way to make us happy.”

What unique security solutions does YOUR business need? Discover how you’ll get the same gold-star treatment as the team at Globalquest by contacting Powered Protection at (716) 822-7000 or Complete security is at your fingertips.

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