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A big part of being a homeowner is sinking time and money into maintaining your home and the property it sits on.

From routine things like mowing the lawn and cleaning out the gutters to dealing with broken heaters and leaky plumbing, you put forth the effort and cover the needed expenses because nothing is more important to you than taking care of your home. It’s your most valuable possession, and it’s what holds the people and items you value most.

smart home in buffaloBut one important aspect of looking after your home that often ends up being ignored is security. Investing in a home security system is one of the easiest ways to protect your property and your loved ones, and offers the added benefit of helping to lower home insurance premiums. And while an elaborate and expensive system is an option, it’s not a necessity. There are many different types of security solutions available, made to suit the needs of any home.

Alarm systems that trigger when a window or door is tampered with are becoming increasingly common. While these systems can help keep you and your home safe by alerting you, the authorities, or both to unusual activity in or around your home, they can’t help you to distinguish a false alarm from the real thing or identify a would-be criminal. To do that, you need to have security cameras in place.

Where those cameras are positioned can have a huge impact on the effectiveness of your security system. The obvious place to start is with your front and back entrances since these are where you’re most likely to have activity. But it’s important to consider your home as a whole before you start wiring things up.

Think about how your home is laid out, and find a spot that offers a view of multiple areas at once. You’ll likely find it’s possible to use a single camera to cover both your front and back or side door from a single vantage point, such as the corner of your living room. Statistics show that as much as 81% of burglars gain entry to a home either through a door or a main floor window, so covering as much of the main level of your home as possible is a wise choice.

A smaller home can likely make do with a single camera, but larger homes will need to add an additional a camera or two in order to monitor your entire space effectively. There are key areas you’ll want to keep in mind when deciding on camera placement, such as a door that leads to an attached garage. Any place that can be used to gain entry to the main floor needs to be protected as best as your budget will allow.

If a multi-camera system just isn’t feasible, and covering all entrances from a single spot in your home isn’t possible, a good alternative is to place a camera in a space that contains most of your expensive valuables. Items like TVs, stereos, gaming systems, and computers are likely in your living room or den, so having a camera tucked into a corner with an unobstructed view is a great choice. If you have a safe that holds valuables or important documents, this is also a good place to have a camera surveying.

Regardless of where you choose to place your camera or how many you install, the most important thing to remember is that height is everything. If your camera is easy to get to, there is nothing stopping an intruder from disabling, destroying, or even stealing the device. Place your camera in a spot that requires a ladder to access it, and not only will you be moving it out of harm’s way, but you’ll be getting a better view of the area in the process.

There are a number of off-the-shelf options available for homeowners to purchase and install on their own, but a camera that is purchased as part of a complete home security system comes with a few added benefits. Self-monitoring your home is possible, but the peace of mind that comes with professionally monitored and maintained security solutions is worth investing in.

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