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Creating a strong security code

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Some security systems require you to enter a numerical code to both arm the system and disarm it. People may also opt to use a digital lock instead of one requiring a key. Tom Powers, of Powered Protection Inc., says these mechanisms take away the hassle of getting locked out of your home/business or having to find a secure hiding place for keys.

A security system or keyless entry is only as strong as the code you choose. If you select a weak one, and intruder can easily decipher how to get into your home/business.

Sequential numbers are easy to remember, but they also make an easy to crack code. Tom also states that most commonly selected code is 1234 and always advises against the use of this code. It’s an easy one to remember, but it’s also one that unwelcome visitors can easily guess.

Security alarm systems typically have a four-digit code, which lends itself to a number of easy to remember sequences. These include the last four digits of your Social Security number, the month and day of your birthday, the year you were born, a bank PIN number, or the last four digits of your phone number.

Security Code

Powers recommends avoiding some of these numbers, as they are often easy to acquire. You might have your birth or anniversary year posted on a social media account, or an intruder could guess it in a relatively brief period of time. Tom stated that people can easily guess codes based on your address or personal phone number. You should also not make a code by simply repeating one number.

One option is to choose a date that has personal significance to you but is not easy to find, such as the month and year you met your spouse. Powers says you can also improve the code’s strength by putting this number into the system backwards.

You can also choose a set of numbers which seems random but is easy for you to remember. One option is the last four numbers of a parent’s phone number.

Don’t go with the default code that came with the system. These codes might be very simple, such as a sequence of identical numbers, or they can be easily accessible by people who know the default codes of various systems.

Periodically changing the code will reduce the chance that anyone will crack the system. Also, the code should not be written down or shared with anyone you don’t know.

Keyless door locks can often be outfitted with a guest code so you don’t have to give out the main code. Powers says this feature allows you to make your home/business accessible to babysitters, dog walkers, cleaners and other people who need to get inside. The guest code can be programmed to only work at certain times, and it can be deleted if need be.

Ideally, you should be able to remember your security code without any trouble, but it should not be so simple that other people can deduce what it is. A good code on your alarm or lock will ensure that the system can keep you safe and won’t be corrupted.

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