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Protect your business with our state-of-the-art commercial security systems.

Your business was built from the ground up, and we understand that you want to protect it from threats that can destroy what you’ve created.

Looking to ensure your business isn’t vulnerable to external or internal physical threats? Powered Protection specializes in commercial security systems that will protect your business from intruders, theft or disaster. Call (716) 822-7000 or send us an email at for more information. 

Powered Protection is devoted to providing you with consistent monitoring, fast response time, and great customer service— 365 days of the year. We’re committed to helping you protect your business, big or small—We offer a variety of commercial alarm systems and monitoring, including:

  • Fire Alarm Systems: We’ll be notified and respond immediately in the event of fire on your premises.
  • Surveillance Systems: We’ll help you track who’s coming to, and going from, your business, and monitor employees’ behavior.

According to statistics, businesses without security systems are four times more likely to be broken into than those with security systems. With shoplifting and burglaries on the rise, don’t get caught without a solid security plan.

The choice is clear. We’re happy to tailor a system to suit your unique needs, whether you run a small retail business, or a large commercial enterprise. Contact us to tell us what you need.

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