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We live in the age of the online review. You would never even consider spending your money on something as simple as a coffeemaker without first checking to see what previous customers had to say about the product. What sets it apart from the competitors from the client perspective?

We were curious to hear what you’d have to say about us, so we asked our clients to offer up what they felt was a highlight of our security systems.

What is one aspect of your Powered Protection Inc.  security system that you wouldn’t want to live without?

“Being able to control my system from my phone. I guess I’m like a lot of people in my generation in that my phone goes everywhere with me, and it’s my communication to business, to family, and to social media. It’s my connection to the world, so I love having the Powered Protection app on my phone that allows me to control my security system, view my cameras, and lock my doors.” – John B.

“Having a system from Powered Protection that sends me notifications in real time and alerts me of what’s going on—that would be the one thing that I wouldn’t want to live without.” -Laura C.

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