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Christmas is Coming and SO ARE THE CROOKS!

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Heightened security awareness is prudent during the holidays. Law enforcement departments warn that crimes increase substantially (30%) during the holiday season.

During the holiday season, many people are out Christmas shopping. They are often distracted and carrying large amounts of cash and expensive gifts as well. Criminals know this and do their own shopping by taking advantage of such tempting opportunities to harvest victims!

Whether in the office or shopping, staying alert is probably the most important thing you can do to keep from becoming the next victim of a holiday hustler. It is also important that employers and building managers ensure their employees and tenants are well informed regarding the need for extra precautions during the holidays.

Share the following safety and security tips and stay safe this holiday season!

  • Never leave doors unlocked or unattended
    Be sure to keep the doors at your home locked at all time and be sure to arm your security system. At the office if you must leave the reception area unattended for any period, lock the entrance and ask visitors to use the intercom system.
  • All visitors should be monitored while on premises
    This includes delivery and maintenance personnel. Be sure your surveillance system is functional and that recordings can be easily accessed.
  • Do not hesitate to question outside maintenance personnel
    Ask for identification! Strangers posing as maintenance, telephone, copier, and air conditioning service people have perpetrated many thefts.
  • Extra care should be taken with small valuable items
    such as iPads, iPhones, laptops, radios, calculators, and desk ornaments. Small items are particularly attractive to thieves since they are so easy to carry away unnoticed. Use extra caution and do not leave such items unattended.
  • Keep checkbooks and valuable corporate property secure.
    Keep cashboxes and safes locked. Protect passwords and keys. This is common sense but is often ignored since personal property is not involved. Management must be firm on this subject.
  • Be cautious when walking to your car.
    Carry your security system panic button when you are at home. At the office contact building security, or arrange to exit with a co-worker. Don’t be embarrassed or get too rushed; this is just smart especially around holidays!
  • Lock packages securely in your trunk,
    not inside your car where they can be a visible enticement for thieves. Look around to see who is watching you when you do this.
  • Solicitors or strangers loitering in the building should be reported immediately
    to building security and management even if you have seen them before.
  • Be alert for pickpockets on the street and in crowded elevators
    Fasten pockets and turn purse flaps toward your body with your hand covering it.
  • If any loss occurs notify building authorities immediately
    Criminals can sometimes be quickly caught and they often strike again if once successful.

These measures are all-important and should be considered year around; however, they are especially critical during the holidays. Simple awareness and a little extra precaution can help to substantially reduce the risk of becoming a victim during the Christmas season.

Don’t let a crook steal your Happy Holidays!

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