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Choosing the Right Security System for Your Home

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Burglary is still a very real threat to homes across the US today, and so, it’s vitally important to invest in the security of your family and values. The problem is figuring out which home security system is right for you.

Home security is a big industry, and as such, there’s no end of choices when it comes to finding one to keep you safe. How can you tell which is the most secure, and the most cost-effective?

Consider these key points before choosing your home security system:

Which company is the right choice? 

Even after minimal research, you’ll soon realize just how many home security companies are in the market, trying to sell you their particular security system. They’ll all be slightly different, branded with different marketable keywords, and all of them want your business.

The best way to separate the right companies from the wrong ones is to pay attention to how they sell to you. Are they more interested in the numbers (cost and savings, margins and deals), or in educating you about home security? Do they use scare tactics to pressure you into buying, or do they simply treat it as an opportunity for you to invest in home security? These kinds of questions can help you find a provider that you can really work with, both in the initial purchase and in any follow-up or ongoing support and upgrades.

How customizable is the system?

Another consideration you need to make when it comes to the sheer volume of options you have to choose from is how well they fit your specific needs. Is it a one-size-fits-all type of solution, or one that perfectly matches the particulars of your home and family? Does the placement of sensors and detectors take into account things like:

  • The precise number of windows and doors in your home
  • Whether you have pets that could trip alarms at night
  • Your family’s usual activity in different areas of the home at different times of day

With the right system, all of this can be accounted for, so make sure you find one that covers all your needs.

Additional and Long Term Support Options 

Lastly, it’s important to think past the initial purchase of the system. Many providers will offer a discount on the initial installation and purchase if you agree to a long term monitoring contract. Furthermore, there could be the opportunity to add additional features to your system, such as carbon monoxide detectors, water level sensors, and more.

As important as it is to capitalize on these other features when you can, keep in mind that the most important quality in a security system and its provider is trustworthiness. Are the well-reviewed? Do you feel they will be reliable in the long run? In the first few month of service, are they responsive to support requests and other inquiries?

By asking the right questions, you can ensure that you find a solution that’s cost-effective, high quality, and completely secure.

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