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Three key patterns in modern burglary to help you keep your home secured.

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Even though the rate of burglary in the US is going down — the FBI reported a 7.8% drop in 2015 — they’re still something worth worrying about. Despite the drop, there were still over 1.5 MILLION burglaries in the past year; that’s a lot.

In order to ensure that number continues to drop, has analyzed the data gathered through their home security solutions and identified three key insights into modern burglary trends. Take these into account when developing your home security:

  1. Burglars prefer unsecured entrances: A third of all burglaries come down to “unlawful entrance”, that is, entering the house through an unlocked window or door. As simple as it seems, that’s why it’s so important to lock up on your way out!
  2. Burglars prefer an empty house: In most cases, burglars get to work when you go to work.
  3. Burglars do their “home”-work: According to a study that interviewed convicted burglars, a vast majority stated that they check for security systems when targeting a home to burgle, and would often move on to another target if there was a system installed. Beyond the capabilities and features of a smart home security system, even its mere presences can be a powerful deterrent!

You may be asking yourself, “Sure, these insights make sense, but what can I do about it?” Allow us to help. Powered Protection will equip your home with a comprehensive smart security platform to ensure you know that your doors are locked when you go to work every day, so you won’t be one of the millions of victims of burglary this year.

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