Interlogix Shutting Down Its Alarm Business at the End of 2019 and will not manufacture new products in 2020

Powered Protection has learned that Interlogix will start shutting down its business in North America by the end of 2019. The company states that it will concentrate on growth in other fire and security businesses. Interlogix states that "We will continue to provide customer support related to the product technical services, timely fulfillment and ...
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Eliminate Vulnerabilities In Your Home Security

Keeping your home safe means knowing where the gaps in your home security are, and how to get rid of them. In the modern digital age when hacking and identity theft are more common than ever, it can be easy to overlook something that seems as simple as home security. You'd think criminals have given up burglary for more indirect and lucrative alter...
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How Best To Secure Your Home’s Major Entry Points – Your Doors

The bulk of would-be thieves rely on unsecured doors to gain access to homes, making them a critical focus of your home security planning. It may come as a bit of a surprise to many, but in roughly 70% of break-ins, the burglar in question got inside the home they targeted through an unsecured door. Front doors, back or side doors, sliding patio do...
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Why You Need Both Physical Security and Computer Network Security for Total Security Protection

In the world of IT security, the focus for many companies has been just on cyber or network security. Most people don't give an extra thought to the physical protection of their expensive hardware and premises. But, we're here to make the very important point that businesses need both physical security and computer network security in a combined, c...
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Security Systems 101 – The Basics Of What Every Home Owner Should Know

Home security systems are becoming commonplace for today's home owners. The desire to feel secure and know that your home is protected no matter where you happen to be is a big part of the reason more and more people are choosing to invest in these systems, and the technology available on the market is constantly improving. And with the rate of bre...
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