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Buffalo Alarms SystemsWith summer ending and the start of school just around the corner, Powered Protection Inc. urges you to pay extra attention to securing your home while kids are away or home alone.

While you may feel your kids are old enough and responsible enough to stay home alone, Tom Powers of Powered Protection Inc. says technology is making it easier than ever for children and parents to have peace of mind.

“The security systems we install now offer remote access, giving you the power to arm/disarm systems, view cameras, and unlock doors Powers says.

“When the alarm goes off, it sends a signal to our central monitoring station and you’ll get a text or email in addition to a phone call.”

Other innovations include keyless deadbolts for doors; simply type in the code and the door unlocks. Or a system that alerts parents when someone rings the doorbell while children are home alone.

“Essentially somebody comes up, rings the doorbell, I get a text alert on my phone and I can pull up the video feed and see who’s on the porch and actually talk to the person,” says Powers.

Some systems even allow parents to speak to their kids through the security system with only a press of a button. Powers says the home security systems are also useful for adults checking in on older residents or aging parents.

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